Three Palestinians wounded by Israeli occupation forces in southern Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Three Palestinian civilians were shot dead Monday evening by Israeli occupation forces in the southern Gaza Strip, while participating in overnight confusion in the north of the strip.

The Palestinian health Ministry spokesman in Gaza, Ashraf al-capacity, said three Palestinians were wounded by the Israeli occupation forces in eastern Rafah on Thursday evening.

According to our correspondent in Gaza, hundreds of Palestinians participated in the evening in the "Night Confusion" in the southern Gaza Strip, as part of the events of the return marches and the breaking of the siege.

Palestinian youths created the events "night Confusion" starting in the evening, the maritime route, and marches in front of the "Beit Hanoun-Erez" crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, rejecting the siege and conspiracy against the refugees.

The "Night Confusion" events include the ignition of damaged tires  "rubber ", as well as the playback of revolutionary songs and siren sounds through loudspeakers, with laser lights being released towards soldiers stationed near the fence.

Through its night-time work, the unit aims to keep the occupation soldiers on constant alert on the border to drain and disrupt them, according to the officials.

  These peaceful marches are violently repressed by the occupying army, where heavy fire and poisonous gas bombs are fired at the demonstrators. This resulted in the martyrdom of 266 citizens, including 11 martyrs whose bodies were detained and not registered in the statements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while another 27,000 were injured, including 500 in high-risk situations.


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