Settlers write slogans and ruin tires of 15 vehicles in Issawiya town

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The line of extremist settlers from the gangs "the price" blew up Sunday, racist slogans on a vehicle and walls of a house in the town of Issawiya, north of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

A member of the follow-up committee in Essawiya Mohammed Abu al-Hommoss said that a group of settlers had stormed the town from its north-eastern entrance and from it to the "Arab Habail", and had made racist slogans on one of the walls of the neighbourhood and on one of the vehicles, "the Arabs of Jerusalem terrorists", and had damaged more tires than 15 vehicles for the residents of the neighbourhood and a truck.

Abu al-Hommos said that the extremists were stepping on the car and the walls, many racist expressions including the Arabs of Jerusalem as terrorists.

He added that the extremists had entered the village at one and a half hours after midnight and showed the registration of the three militants from the extremists as they walked out of the village and the Israeli police came in less than an hour, escorted by the intelligence and Shabak forces, "where they photographed cars and slogans and Wipe it off the car and the wall.

He explained that the police came again yesterday morning and photographed the sites and cars again and directed the car owners and the injured to go to the investigation center in West Jerusalem (the Russian Compound) to file their statements and complain, and also delivered the damage repair papers.

Abu al-Humus pointed out that the cameras on the site of the fuel station at the north-eastern entrance of Issawiya, as well as several police cameras located along the border with the "French Hill" settlement, which had been set up in the village, revealed the details of the attack and these of settler violations.

He said the attack was the first of its kind and came in the context of attacks by settlers in the northern West Bank against Palestinians and their property.

The residents of Issawiya said they were demanding the punishment of extremists, especially since the cameras at the Issawiya entrance had been used by police and intelligence to convict and chase the Isawiya children, adding that in the occupation prisons more than 40 children had been killed, 7 of them by the cameras and convicted in Israeli courts.


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