Lecture at the Hebrew University: Israel is testing its weapons on the Palestinians

 A professor of criminology and social work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Nadra Shalhoub Kevorkian, revealed that Israel is carrying out military experiments on Palestinian children and has turned the occupied territories, where Palestinians live, into test fields for military industries .

According to Israeli Army Radio, she received a recording of these remarks during a lecture last week at Columbia University in New York City attended by dozens of students about violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

Kevorkian noted that these serious findings came as a result of her scientific research.

Israel also used Palestinian children as tests of its weapons. Accusing the Israeli army of constantly persecuting the Palestinians.

In response, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said that what had happened was a disgrace. Saying that this comes within the framework of anti-Semitism.

While the Hebrew University considered that what the university lecture spoke about her personal opinion and does not represent the university approach.

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