57 attacks against media freedoms in Palestine during January

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The Palestinian Centre for Development and Media Freedoms (PCHR) Monitored 57 violations by the Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territories during the month of January.

The Mada Rights Center said in a statement on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation forces have committed 36 attacks against media freedoms in a Palestinian, in addition to the perpetration of 21 attacks by various Palestinian bodies.

He said that January saw a rise in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine, with most of the months preceding it having also seen high rates.

He noted that December 2018 had witnessed 47 attacks against media freedoms, of which 32 were committed by the occupation, and 15 by various Palestinian actors.

Twenty-one Israeli assaults (out of 36) occurred in the West Bank, Jerusalem and 14 in the Gaza Strip. Following:  "The overwhelming majority of them are among the most serious attacks on the lives of journalists and their ability to do their job."

Israeli assaults on 15 physical injuries were caused by metal and rubber bullets and by gas bombs, causing severe and serious injuries to some journalists.

Israeli occupation soldiers used 11 journalists as "human shields" in two separate incidents in the West Bank and arrested two journalists, the Human Rights Center said. Afterthought:  "We are talking about 28 very serious attacks from all Israeli attacks."

A total of 21 attacks on media freedoms by Palestinian actors in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including 12 violations in the West Bank and 9 in Gaza, were recorded during the past January.



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