Macron may organize referendum to break the crisis of "yellow jackets"

 French President Emmanuel Macaron, who continues Monday's "grand national debate" on the outskirts of Paris to try to break the "yellow jackets" crisis, is considering a referendum, the press reported.

Le Journal du Dimanche, close to the president who sought to win public opinion after two and a half months of protests and demonstrations, said he was inclined to call a referendum on May 26 in conjunction with European elections.

The questions to be asked by the French in this popular consultation could address constitutional issues such as reducing the number of parliamentarians, recognizing white cards in the elections and limiting the number of states.

"Everything is on the table, but no decision has been taken," the president told AFP on Sunday.

McCron told reporters on Thursday that the issue of the referendum "will be a subject for consideration" and "should be studied carefully."

"There is nothing forbidden or forbidden in the eyes of the head of state, but of course it is imperative to wait for the end of the debate before examining any issue," Environment Minister Sebastien Lucorno, who co-organizes the grand debate, told local newspaper West France on Sunday.

"The president of the republic does not rule out anything but he has not made a decision," European Affairs Minister Natalie Lozou told France-based radio station RTGRI.

After his first four meetings, Macron will head to Evry Corcoron, 30 kilometers south of Paris, to meet about 300 local councilors and association representatives before he meets Thursday at a time when young people have so far been reluctant to participate in the meetings. .

The organization of public debates throughout France under the auspices of local municipalities is a response from the authorities to the crisis of social protests organized by the "yellow jackets" protesters since 17 November to demand improved purchasing power. The meetings began in mid-January and will continue until mid-March.


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