New Israeli campaign against Palestinian curriculum

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Education and Higher education on Saturday unveiled an "Israeli" campaign targeting the Palestinian curriculum.

The ministry said in a press release that the campaign is part of the occupation plans aimed at cutting international aid for the Palestinian education sector.

The ministry pointed out that the occupation harnesses millions of food for Zionist institutions led by former Mossad agents and generals of reservists or retirees to attack the Palestinian curriculum.

The Ministry stated that some of these institutions are in Europe and America, as well as "Israel ", as they try to stigmatize the Palestinian curriculum with the instigator.

In her statement, the education confirmed that it will remain a dam in the face of these attempts, calling on civil society institutions and citizens to defend the national curriculum, stressing the Palestinian insistence to protect the national narrative in the minds of students.

In the past two years, she had worked with the European Union to request a neutral European Commission to conduct a comparative study between the Palestinian and Israeli curriculum; however, Israel had refused to do so, confirming that the Israeli curriculum called for incitement, contrary to Palestinian curricula.

It should be noted that last October, the Palestinian curriculum was voted in the European Parliament, and the Parliament voted in favour of the platform.

However, the Ministry of Education pointed out that Israeli attempts to incite the Palestinian curriculum continue, by pressuring parliamentarians around the world, along with their parliaments, and moving petitions within parliaments to condemn the curriculum and cut off aid.



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