Demonstration of the owners of destroyed houses to claim the "UNRWA " to pay the rent allowance

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Dozens of families whose homes were destroyed as a result of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip in 2014 demonstrated on Monday the demand for UNRWA's agency to pay their rent, after stopping for about seven months.

The crowd in front of the agency's headquarters in Gaza City chanted angry slogans calling for the urgent disbursement of rent allowance, sheltering them from the winter cold, and other slogans calling for the speedy construction of their homes destroyed by the occupation.

They asserted that the rent allowance was a right, not a one, for hundreds of affected families who were sleeping in the streets without shelter from the cold winter.

The agency stopped the payment of a rental allowance to some 1,600 families from the sector, claiming that the budget was not public.

A month ago, dozens of homeowners destroyed the 2014 aggression in front of the "UNRWA " headquarters in Gaza City to ask the agency to pay their rent or start rebuilding their destroyed homes.


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