Landslides and floods kill 75 people in the Philippines

The landslides and floods caused by a tropical depression have killed 75 people in the eastern Philippines, while emergency teams continue to search for more victims.


The National Office for Disaster Risk Reduction said at least 16 people were still missing in two areas in the eastern Philippines that were hardest hit by the low, which reached land on Saturday.


Fifty-nine people were killed in the Bicol area and 13 in the neighboring eastern Visayas region, said Edgar Bouzadas, spokesman for the Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.


He said three other people had died in other areas hit by heavy rain.


"Most of the victims have died in landslides," Bouzadas said.


According to the Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, some 25,000 people have been displaced by landslides and floods in 13 provinces.


Ricardo Gallad, Executive Director of the Office, said that some residents of the mountainous villages had not left their homes after the tropical low tide had receded to a low altitude when it arrived on land.


"The residents of the higher areas were naturally safe from the floods, so they did not leave their homes, but they were hit by a landslide," Jallad told the radio station DZMM in Manila.


The tropical depression is the last hurricane to hit the Philippines in 2018, the second most deadly hurricane after Cyclone Mankot in September and more than 80 dead.


The Philippines has an annual average of 20 hurricanes, causing floods, landslides and other accidents.


One of the strongest hurricanes in modern history was Hurricane Hayan, which swept through the country in November 2013, killing more than 6,300 people and displacing more than 4 million others.



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