8 Simple Ways to Make You Happy and Relieve Stress!

Experts have uncovered a range of ways and procedures that can increase feelings of happiness and ease tension and anxiety.


The most important practices that help to relax and fight stress:


1. Experiment with "Renewal of Energy"


A British study suggests that many recreational activities have the same effectiveness of psychotherapy or medication, especially if they involve exercise. This generates a wave of new neurons in the hippocampus (brain area responsible for the emotion), according to researchers at the London College Institute.


2- Treatment of competition


A Scottish study conducted in 2017 found that participation in competitive games, such as football, promotes mood and self-confidence in psychopaths because of the competitive element that fosters confidence.


3. Knitting kills tension


A study of 15,000 people found that knitting twice a week reduces stress, low mood and anxiety. It also disperses mental or physical pain with the invocation of a state of relaxation that also reduces blood pressure.


4. Agriculture


Studies show that horticultural practices reduce the suicidal thoughts of people with depression by up to 20%.


5. Explore nature


National Taiwan University researchers found that spending only 48 hours in the forest and green areas reduces anxiety and fatigue in middle-aged women.


6. Walk to the workplace


Stanford researchers say walking to work instead of driving reduces the risk of depression. Their study concluded that driving 90 minutes or more in congestion increases the risk of anxiety and stress.


7 - Bread and prepare sweets and foods


A study of 650 people in Australia found that making sweets or dinner for family members makes you more happy because of their "conscious" actions, such as measuring ingredients that distract you from worrying thoughts.


8. Animal husbandry


A review of 17 studies in psychiatry found a mutation in nervous activity related to happiness, in the brains of pet owners. This is due to oxytocin "the hormone of love", which promotes emotional bonding and a sense of happiness.


9. Listen to music


Listening to live music can trigger ecstasy, because it contributes to the release of the brain's "reward hormone," known as dopamine.



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