A 4-year-old boy uses a clever assistant to save his mother!

London _ Agencies

A 4-year-old toddler used the smart assistant "Siri" on his mother's phone to call the police after his mother collapsed and lost consciousness.

In the British city of Hawke, the child, Bao Austin, was alone at home with his mother, who felt tired in the morning and suddenly lost consciousness.

When he saw his mother in this case, the young child hastened to use the  "Siri" on her "iphon" phone, where he ordered the assistant to call the emergency service, and spoke with the police divider.

When the health condition of the mother stabilized, she spoke of her strong pride in her child, asserting that without the help of Bao, things would go much worse. She also added that she was not aware of her phone's ability to carry out these complex tasks.

Bao was fond of mobile phones and always speaks with the  "Siri", asking them to help with daily life activities, while the British police honored the child for his courage and speed.


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