China checks with Canadian businessman on suspicion of "damage to national security "

Beijing _ Agencies

A second Canadian citizen, Ottawa, says he has lost in China, is under investigation by the Chinese authorities and is suspected of involvement in "activities that threaten national security," official Chinese media reported Thursday.

A media report from the Liaoning provincial authorities, where al-Kindi resides, said that Michael Spafor was "investigated" by the Office of the Ministry of International Security in Dandong Liaoning on December 10 December.

On Wednesday, Ottawa announced that Beijing had summoned a second Canadian resident of China to investigate, noting that the Canadian government now considers it "missing" after all its attempts to contact him have failed.

Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesman Guillaume Bestrup told AFP that the missing is Michael Spafor, who lives in China, where he runs the "Bakito Cultural Exchange" Foundation, which deals with commercial, tourist and sporting trips to North Korea and helped the former star in American basketball Dennis Rodman is visiting the isolated country.

This comes days after Chinese authorities arrested former Canadian diplomat Michael Kofrig during a visit to Beijing. Kofrig is an expert in the International Crisis Group and has in the past been a diplomat accredited to both Beijing, Hong Kong and the United Nations.

Chinese authorities arrested Kofrig shortly after the arrest of Canadian authorities Ming Wanzhou, the financial director of the Huawei telecom giant Chinese group.

Ming was arrested on Dec. 1 December at the Vancouver airport at the request of the United States, in a move that angered Beijing. On Tuesday, a Canadian judge ordered her release on bail.


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