Prominent Russian human rights activist: "There is no diplomatic solution" to the war in Ukraine

One of the co-founders of the Russian human rights organization Memorial, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, said Sunday that there is currently no diplomatic solution to the war in  Ukraine  .

"I am absolutely convinced that there is no diplomatic solution with (President Vladimir) Putin's regime, as long as it still exists," Irina Shcherbakova said.

"The possible solution now is military," added Shcherbakova, who received an award for her human rights work at a ceremony in Hamburg, Germany.

But she estimated that there would eventually be some form of diplomatic solution to the conflict.

"But these decisions, this diplomacy will only happen when Ukraine considers that it won this war and can dictate its terms," ​​she added.

She considered that the hasty calls for peace were "childish," adding that things would not return to what they were before the war broke out.

And she added, "This war has turned a lot of things upside down, and things will not go back to the way they were."

In Hamburg, Shcherbakova received the Marion Donhoff Award from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in recognition of her years of work in defense of human rights in her country.

Scholz said her efforts showed the way to a "better future for Russia," though that "still seems unlikely."

The official, who has been repeatedly criticized for not doing more to support Ukraine militarily, added that the war would not end with Russia's "victory" and its "expansionism".

The Memorial Foundation will receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Saturday, December 10  .


Memorial co-owners of the award along with the Center for Civil Liberties of Ukraine and Belarusian activist Alice Bialiatsky.

Memorial is one of Russia's most important civil liberties organizations, and for decades it has worked to shed light on abuses committed under Joseph Stalin's Soviet dictatorship, and has also documented information about Russia's ongoing political repression.

At the end of 2021, the Russian judiciary closed the organization, which was founded in 1989. Irina Shcherbakova left Moscow after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is now residing in Germany.

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