Denmark.. Protests reject government policies against refugees, migrants

Denmark _ Agencies

The Danish capital of Copenhagen and the city of Aarhus on Monday witnessed massive protests rejecting stringent laws targeting refugees and migrants in the country.

Thousands of immigrants and Danes participated in the rally organized in Copenhagen by 9 civil society organizations, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

These demonstrations came after the Danish government recently announced its intention to assemble immigrants and asylum seekers on the uninhabited island of "Lindholm ", which is 7 hectares in size.

Protesters expressed strong rejection of the strict policies used by the Danish Government against foreigners in recent years.

The protesters lifted banners reading such phrases as: "No to Racism", "human rights for all", "Stop racism", and  "different voices against racism."

A number of activists spoke at the rally, all of which stressed the rejection of government policies, stressing the need to provide the best conditions for the refugees.


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