In half an hour of winter, houses and roads were flooded in several Palestinian areas

Many areas in some governorates of the homeland have been flooded by rainy winter weather in light of the rapid air that Palestine is witnessing.

Our correspondent reported that citizens faced great difficulties in moving to their jobs, due to the flooding of public streets.Public streets in the town of Kafr Aqab were drowned, and the water level in some of them clearly rose, causing shops to close, and vehicles stopped moving.

In the Gaza Strip, the Civil Defense said its crews were working to suck water from some houses and buildings in multiple areas, concentrated in the beach area to the west by the air depression.

Our correspondent in Gaza pointed out that many houses in the Shati Refugee camp were flooded due to the intensity of the rains despite their limited time.Some cars were seen with water reaching their roof in some low-lying areas of the camp.

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