Hebron.. The funeral of a Palestinian martyr shot by the occupation

Hebron _ Palestine News Network

Palestinian residents in the southern city of Hebron on Tuesday laid down the body of the martyr Omar Awad, who was shot dead by the Israeli occupation at noon.

The funeral procession of Martyr Awad (27), who had been shot by the Israeli occupation forces in the vicinity of the apartheid wall, was brought to his home on Sunday.

Palestinian youths succeeded in transporting martyr Awad from al-Ahli hospital in Hebron to his home with a private vehicle, without noticing the occupation army, whose troops were on the entrance to the hospital.

On Tuesday, Israeli occupying forces killed Cheb Awwad, who was taken to al-Ahli State Hospital in Hebron in a critical condition, when he was wounded by Israeli army gunfire near the town of west of the city.

According to doctors at the Al-Ahli hospital, al-Cheb Omar Hassan Awwad, 27, was hit by bullets in the back and abdomen, and the doctors tried and saved his life, before announcing the martyrdom of his death from the bullets of the occupation.

For his part, the Hebrew site "0404 " said that a Palestinian tried to run over a police force  "Border guard " in the village of Khalh in Hebron.

"The driver was shot and there were no casualties among the Israelis," he said.


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