Civil disobedience decision.. New confrontations in Shuafat camp

Clashes erupted, on Tuesday evening, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces' suppression of a march organized by the residents of Shuafat refugee camp north of occupied Jerusalem.




According to local sources, the occupation forces threw tear gas and stun grenades at the citizens after they went out in a march to announce civil disobedience.




As part of the steps of open civil disobedience, the camp's residents decided to suspend the camp's schools, call on the Jerusalem schools to strike and close, and demand the parents' committees in the city of Jerusalem to stop protesting after the Shuafat camp checkpoint at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, Wednesday.




It was decided to prevent the use of cars after ten in the evening, except for emergency cases, and to close shops on Wednesday.




It was also decided that workers would not go out to work, starting tomorrow, Wednesday.


Shuafat camp has been suffering since Sunday from a siege imposed by the occupation forces under the pretext of searching for the perpetrator of the shooting attack on Saturday evening, at the camp's checkpoint, which led to the death of a female soldier.

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