Paid .. a new version of WhatsApp

Global reports revealed that the instant messaging platform “WhatsApp” is preparing to launch a new paid version, or as it was called a “premium subscription”, that will be dedicated to a specific category of users.


The paid version will be intended for companies, and is currently available on the beta version of WhatsApp, according to a report by the GSM Arena website.


WhatsApp assured its users that the paid version will be intended for companies, and the average user will not be affected by it; It will provide companies with marketing and access services to users and customers.

A premium account from WhatsApp can link a customizable connection, and change it once every 4 months, and it will be an easier way for customers to find a specific business instead of typing a phone number, a feature available in the “Telegram” application, which enables users to share a direct connection link with the others.

Video call with 32 people

The paid version of the app will also allow up to 10 devices connected at the same time with the same account, this way employees can connect and manage the business account.

Through paid WhatsApp, a video call can be made to up to 32 participants.

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