"Tourism" in Gaza reveals the details of the new archaeological site

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in the Gaza Strip announced today, Sunday, the details of the new archaeological discovery east of Al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The ministry said in a statement, that its national quarry worked on a daily basis immediately after the archaeological discovery was reported more than a month ago, to closely identify its nature and evidence, and to prepare historical studies from the reality of surface manifestations and archaeological artifacts extracted from the site according to scientific methods, showing that its technical staff I worked on defining the site's extensions and dimensions by digging 10 scientific probes through which the details of the place, the workflow mechanism and the cultural implications, which is an introduction and the beginning of the comprehensive archaeological excavation of the discovered site.

She added that the initial continuous archaeological discovery at the site resulted in the presence of a group of: mosaic floors, animal icons dating to the Byzantine era, wonderful drawings embodying social life, and another group of floors with geometric shapes, some architectural monuments and evidence of ancient walls, pottery collectibles and glass bottles.

The ministry stated that this discovery provides it with historical information and details about the ancient and anthropological civilizations in Gaza, the historical and economic relations with its ancient regional sites and the status of Palestine across the world, noting that it will provide the public with details of the excavation state and reveal its secrets.

She explained that the archaeological discovery is still in its infancy, stressing that it is waiting to learn more secrets and cultural values, in the various eras that lived on the land of Gaza, pointing out that their national teams work in partnership with international experts and archaeologists from the French School of Archeology.

The ministry expressed its thanks to the farmer, Suleiman Al Nabahin, and his family for their great work, belonging and high patriotic sense, who took the initiative to inform the competent authorities and preserved the historical heritage.

She also thanked the Head of Government Follow-up for supporting the Ministry in carrying out its civilized mission, and for issuing instructions to acquire lands at the discovered site, compensate their owners, and facilitate the folded tasks to preserve the important archaeological landmark.

The ministry confirmed that its technical teams continue to perform their daily tasks to discover the details of the important archaeological site, stressing that it plays its sovereign role in consolidating the civilizational existence of the Palestinian people, and promoting the preservation of the Palestinian historical cultural heritage by preserving historical archaeological sites, highlighting its features and excavating what it contains in its interior. Treasures of civilizations from different eras and eras.

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