The Committee to Support Journalists condemns the extension of the detention of journalist Ghosheh and the filing of an indictment against her

The Journalists' Support Committee denounced today, Sunday, the indictment filed by the Israeli Military Occupation Court against the Jerusalemite journalist Lama Ghosheh, which includes incitement and support for "terrorist organizations", for publishing a picture of the martyr Ibrahim al-Nabulsi carrying a weapon. .

The committee said in a statement, "It considers it extremely dangerous to issue an indictment against journalist Lama Ghosheh, and considers this a heinous and heinous crime against the Palestinian woman fighter in general and female media professionals in particular, and a clear attack on freedom of opinion and expression.”

The committee deplored the extension of the detention of journalist Ghosheh four times in a row under the pretext of “incitement through social media, and this is what journalist Ghosheh is subjected to in intense and harsh investigations, as she was subjected to at least three interrogation sessions, each of which lasted for 10 hours, in addition to the policy of naked searches against her and her continued isolation in detention.” Hasharon since her arrest.

The commission stated that the occupation forces arrested journalist Ghosheh on 4/9/2000 after breaking into her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, confiscating her computer and confiscating her phone.

And it considered that the extension of the detention of journalist Ghosheh, is a continuation of the occupation policy that fights the journalist, media, voice and image, in an attempt to obliterate the Palestinian truth, with the aim of absent inside its prisons the voice of truth and truth.

She appealed to all human rights and international organizations advocating for women's rights, the necessity of immediate action and work for her release, as she is a mother of two children and a student at Birzeit University for postgraduate studies.

  The Committee to Support Journalists also called for the release of all journalists in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, especially that the occupation arrests 21 prisoners in its prisons, including three female prisoners, Bushra Al-Taweel, media student Dina Jaradat, and Lama Ghosheh.

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