ARIJ: The occupation gives the green light to a settlement project on the lands of Kafr Malik

The Applied Research Institute "ARIJ" said in a report that the Israeli occupation forces gave the green light to start planning and building on 90 dunums of the lands of the town of Kafr Malik, northeast of Ramallah .

And the report indicated that on the second of this month, the Israeli occupation authorities published an announcement from the so-called responsible for “government properties and absentee property,” Yossi Segal in the occupied West Bank, granting the authority to plan lands belonging to the town of Kafr Malik in Ramallah governorate. .

 The area of ​​lands targeted by the announcement is 90 dunums in Basin No. 27, Plot No. 21, and Basin No. 21, Plot No. 41, which the occupation authorities considered as government property.

 The announcement stated that the validity of planning in the aforementioned plots begins within 30 days from the date of publishing this announcement.

It should be noted that the lands targeted by the Israeli declaration are adjacent to an Israeli quarry in the area belonging to the Kochav Hashahar settlement to the south of it. It was approved in 1994 under the name “Kochav Hashahar Quarry” p./313 by virtue of the Israeli settlement plan No. יוש/23/52.

It seems that this quarry has been expanding on the neighboring Palestinian lands since the occupation authorities started working on it. In 2002, the occupation authorities exploited an additional 421 dunums of Palestinian lands from the southern side of the quarry through the settlement plan No. 1/23/52, and later In 2012, the occupation authorities issued another expansion plan, No. 2/23/52/, which provides for the confiscation and exploitation of an additional 532 dunums of Palestinian lands adjacent to the northern side of the quarry to be part of the Israeli quarry. 

It is worth mentioning that the area that was approved to be within the quarry plan is 2,186 dunums, which portends more confiscations of Palestinian lands in the future in favor of this quarry.

The institute said: At a time when the Israeli occupation authorities impose restrictions on the Palestinians in terms of construction and development in the Palestinian territories, especially those located in the areas classified according to the Oslo II Interim Accords of 1995, it unleashes its settlement plans and under flimsy pretexts in order to control the Palestinian lands and not Allow the Palestinians to exploit it for any purpose.

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