3,000 detainees a year..Israeli left-wing activists protest against the arrest of Palestinian children

Activists from the Israeli left demonstrated , on Monday morning, at the entrance to Kibbutz Horshim, where Yehuda Fox, the commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank lives, to protest against the arrest of Palestinian children in the middle of the night and their terror inside their homes.

The demonstrators raised - according to the Hebrew Ynet website - banners that were hung like them at the entrance to the army headquarters in the West Bank - and wrote on them, "Fox.. Destroyer of dreams", calling on him to stop the procedures for storming the homes of Palestinian minors and arresting them.

The protest organizers said that every year about 3,000 Palestinian minors are arrested, most of them by breaking into homes in the middle of the night, noting that Fox can, with a simple order, stop these campaigns, and stop the abuse of these minors every night, and that they must be taken out. Children of the Israeli political game.

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