A sudden reaction to a homeless person found 17, 000 dollars.

Washington _ Agencies

A homeless man in Washington, D.C., found a large amount of money that could have changed his life for the better, but after handing him over to a food bank to feed needy people like him.

"Kevin Booth " is homeless, he arrived at the center five years ago, and one day a bag containing 17,000 dollars was found in front of the bank, and instead of keeping the money, he was handed over to the administration.

Anita Miller, executive director of the Food bank, said, "I bowed, picked up the bag, looked at it and knew it contained money, and waited for the employee who usually arrives at 7:30 am to deliver the bag."

According to the CBS Secretariat, Kevin went to the food bank that morning to get the bread that was being put to the needy in front of the door, and instead, he found the purse.

The police kept the money for 90 days, and as no one claimed to appear, it allowed the bank to keep the full amount. The venue says they will use the money to expand the building so that they can provide more services to the homeless and needy families.


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