The Ministry of Education and the Prisoners Authority sign a memorandum of understanding to hold the high school exam for prisoners

Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Education signed a memorandum of understanding with the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority. For the purposes of holding the high school exam in the Israeli occupation prisons, and facilitating the admission of prisoners and detainees to the exam for the year 2022.


He signed the agreement that took place at the Ministry's headquarters; Assistant Undersecretary for Measurement, Evaluation and Examinations, Dr. Mohammed Awad; On behalf of the Minister, Prof. Dr. Marwan Awartani, and on behalf of the "Prisoners' Commission", the Undersecretary Dr. Abdul Qadir Khatib.


This memorandum aims to provide opportunities for the prisoners inside the occupation prisons; To enjoy their right to complete the requirements for admission to the general secondary examination, in a manner that guarantees the provision of a decent life for prisoners and their rehabilitation; To enable them, after their liberation from captivity or within it, to enroll in higher university education in the available fields.


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