The occupation police set conditions for handing over the bodies of the two martyrs, Agbariya

The Hebrew website "Ynet" reported today, Wednesday, that the Israeli police have taken the step of handing over the bodies of the two martyrs, Ayman and Ibrahim Igbariya, the perpetrators of the Hadera operation recently, after the month of Ramadan, but under conditions.

 According to the site, the conditions included specifying the number of participants in the funeral, and the date and time of its start.

The website indicated that due to legal difficulties, the Israeli police are finding it difficult to keep the bodies, while security and military authorities recommended the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz to instruct the handover of the bodies of the perpetrators of the recent attacks, residents of the Green Line who hold Israeli citizenship, who are the martyrs of the Agbaria family, and Muhammad Abu Al-Qia’an from the Negev .

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