Foreign Ministry: The escalation of settler terrorism threatens to explode the situation during the holy month of Ramadan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned in the strongest terms the violations and crimes of the occupation and its settlers and their continuing terrorist elements against the Palestinian people, their land, property and holy sites throughout the West Bank, with the aim of deepening the processes of Israeliization and Judaization of Jerusalem and its complete separation from its Palestinian surroundings and the abolition of the Palestinian presence in all its forms. From all areas classified (C) that make up the majority of the occupied West Bank, which leads to the final closure of the door to any opportunity to establish a viable Palestinian state, geographically connected to its capital, East Jerusalem.

In a statement, the ministry indicated that the latest of these heinous violations in combating the Palestinian presence in areas classified (C) is the distribution of notices to remove two livestock pens east of Tubas, bulldozing 4 dunums and uprooting 30 olive trees west of Bethlehem, and the occupation confiscation of an agricultural caravan and the bulldozing of 3 dunums planted with trees. The almonds in Khirbet Qalqas, south of Hebron, and the closure of an agricultural road with earth mounds in Qusra, south of Nablus, to prevent citizens from accessing their lands and others.

The Ministry also strongly condemned the escalation in the terrorist militia and settler terrorist elements against Palestinian citizens, their vehicles and homes, as happened yesterday at the Za’tara checkpoint and the northern entrance to the city of Al-Bireh, and the settlers’ storming into the village of Beitin and attacking citizens’ homes with stones, and the occupation forces’ distribution of leaflets threatening the residents of Al-Lubban Al-Sharqiya town With repression and persecution, it is the settlers and the occupation forces that continue their attacks on the village and its schools.

The ministry stressed that these daily crimes are carried out with the protection of the occupation army and its participation within a clear distribution of roles with the Jewish terrorist organizations with the aim of controlling more Palestinian land and deepening the gradual annexation of the West Bank, under the oversight and open support of the political and military level in the occupying state, amid clear and open incitement to murder from Before the extremist religious schools and chief rabbis, especially those deployed in the occupied West Bank settlements, the Rabbi of “Beit El” settlement Ariel Bareilly yesterday evening closed the entrance to the city of Ramallah with dozens of Jewish terrorists, saying, “We are not ready to give them freedom of movement in the Land of Israel,” describing the people The Palestinian (by the despicable nation), in a hideous call and hateful racist incitement to murder.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the Israeli government headed by extremist Naftali Bennett and its various branches fully and directly responsible for the terror of settlers and the violence of the occupation against Palestinian citizens, their land and property, and its dangerous consequences on the conflict arena.

She said that she sees in these violations and crimes that the Israeli government speaks with its tongue about calm and calming the situation, while its hand is working to detonate the situation in an explicit call for a cycle of violence, at a time when official Israel is trying to hold the Palestinian side responsible for the escalation it practices and its results under the slogan of a month. Blessed Ramadan, knowing that it practices a racist occupation policy and continues its daily aggression against the Palestinian people and seeks help from chaos and violence to implement its expansionist colonial plans, and to perpetuate the Israeli apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

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