211 human rights and civil organizations call for respect for Amnesty International´s report

211 human rights and civil organizations and networks called on all countries and international governmental and non-governmental organizations to respect the Amnesty International report and similar international and Palestinian reports, and to consider it an international document suitable for international litigation against the crimes of discrimination and apartheid committed by the occupying power.

It also called in a statement issued today, Monday, to consider the denial of the facts mentioned in the Amnesty International report as a form of “anti-Palestinians” and their right to defend their inalienable individual and collective rights, and to condemn those who deny the reality of “apartheid” in the occupying country. And apartheid “Israel”.

Human rights and civil organizations and networks hope that Amnesty International will open an investigation into the statements attributed to the director of the organization’s office in the occupation and apartheid state, Molly Malkar, who stated in a Hebrew news site that the Amnesty International report “is a comprehensive indictment that ignores work in the field of human rights.” It wrongly portrays Israel’s Arab citizens as helpless victims.”

In her statement, Malkar also expressed her dissatisfaction with the Amnesty report, and Malkar accused Amnesty International of not adequately fighting the phenomenon of anti-Semitism.

This came at a time when 295 human rights and civil organizations and networks praised and appreciated the Amnesty International report issued on the first of February, which condemned Israel as an apartheid state, and at a time when these organizations value all international and Palestinian reports that stand with just Palestinian rights and expose their rights. The crimes of the Israeli occupation, including crimes of persecution and racial discrimination.

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