An American hospital refuses to subject a patient to a heart transplant because he did not receive the “Covid” vaccine

A hospital in the American city of Boston refused to subject a 31-year-old patient to a heart transplant, on the grounds that he had not received the anti-Covid-19 vaccine, which would thwart the operation, US media reported Wednesday.
In response to a question by Agence France-Presse, a spokeswoman for Brigham and Women's Hospital confirmed in a statement that the anti-Coronavirus vaccine is a "condition" that should be available to all candidates for organ transplants.
David Ferguson, the patient's father, spoke on CNN and ABC about his son's battle against death, saying that he had "reached the brink of death" while awaiting a heart transplant.
A young man in his thirties, who is waiting to undergo a heart operation at this hospital in Boston, refuses to receive the vaccine against the Corona virus. "This is fundamentally against his principles, he does not believe" in the efficacy of vaccines, Ferguson said.
And since the hospital in Boston “enforces this policy (…) they removed his name from the list of people eligible to undergo heart transplants.”
The hospital in question in Boston said in a statement sent to AFP that its care system "requires several vaccines recommended by health authorities, including the vaccine against Covid-19."
He pointed out that receiving the vaccine and adopting a specific "life system" "create the best conditions for a successful transplant and enhance, to the highest possible extent, the patient's chances of survival after the transplant, especially because the immune system is significantly weak."
Doctor Arthur Kaplan from New York University said, in statements reported by CBS, that “the immune system is disrupted in any transplant. So Covid can be fatal.”
Hence, the names of 'unvaccinated' patients are 'withdrawn from the waiting list', according to the hospital in Boston, where David Ferguson's son is still undergoing treatment.
The father said that he respects his son's "choice" and intends to transfer him to another hospital, but the "time element is stressful" with this patient, who suffers from a very difficult health condition.
The United States, where only 62% of the population has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 due to the great political division on the issue, has recorded nearly 60 million cases of the Corona virus, which has killed 872,000 people in it.

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