Saturday: 7 detainees held by the occupation from Bethlehem

Today, Saturday, the occupation forces arrested 7 Palestinians from Bethlehem in the southern West Bank, and distributed leaflets attacking the “Popular Front” and its cadres in the Dheisheh refugee camp.


 Our correspondent reported that the occupation forces arrested five young men from Dheisheh camp, and wounded a sixth with bullets in the foot, following the confrontations during which stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown, to which the soldiers responded with tear gas, sound and rubber bullets.

Among the detainees were the young Muhammad Basil al-Lahham, his grandfather and his father (who were later released), as well as the former prisoner Hassan Muhammad al-Lahham (26 years old), Rani Raafat Abu Akar (20 years old), Ashraf Sajdiya, Ahmed Ramadan (63 years) and his son Raed (34 years old). year), all of whom are affiliated with the Popular Front.


The occupation soldiers prevented ambulances from reaching the camp and treating those injured during the confrontations, especially since a number of young men were injured by sound bombs.


Occupation soldiers distributed a leaflet issued by the “Shin Bet” Israeli intelligence, which was published by an Israeli officer on his Facebook page, stating that the activity of the Popular Front is unacceptable to us, and we will not pass it unnoticed, and everyone who participates in its activities (will) be arrested. .


Raneem Muhammad al-Jaafari (17 years old) and Iyad Sami Taqatqa were also known among the detainees in Bethlehem.


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