With the help of “Hoda and her husband” .. “waste paper” in Gaza turns into drawing boards

After long hours of reading, reading and blogging, “Hoda Thabet” found herself in front of a pile of written drafts scattered in her room, she was tired of destroying and getting rid of them every time.
Once, Huda was staring at the pile of papers in front of her, absent-mindedly, until she had the idea of ​​making use of these papers to serve her hobby in writing novels.
Huda is a writer and novelist and works as an academic in a university in the Gaza Strip. She found the idea, which later turned into a project to recycle used paper waste, and a pioneering model for her students.
Huda opened her project, which she described, in an interview with the “Jerusalem Reporter,” as being environmentally friendly. After that, she no longer gets rid of scraps and piles of papers, but rather reproduces them and turns them into paintings for drawing.
Huda helps her husband in this project, which produces what she describes as “green products”, which guarantee the reduction of paper waste that causes pollution in the streets and roads.
Huda converts all kinds of paper and cardboard into “paper dough”, which is reused, shaped and molded to different sizes, and then distributed to art and drawing students for use in decoration and other works.
Hoda and her husband supervise the transformation of the papers into sheets of cardboard, after the process of mincing and kneading, then shaping, drying and painting with white color.
Huda and her husband work in the new project, in addition to some volunteer students, and it affects the production quantities in light of the lack of manpower that can launch strongly in the project. They also complain about the lack of modern equipment that contributes to the speed of work and production.
Despite this, the project developed within the framework of a specialized company that Huda announced its opening; To drive this success into society, and encourage a culture of environmental protection and friendship with this unique project.
Hoda says that she aspires to find her project popular with art students and companies that sell decoration supplies and others, up to the stage of project expansion and expansion.
She adds, "Thank God, I no longer get rid of the scraps of paper that were just drafts of the writings that I used to do alone every evening."
And she continued, "Every piece of paper knows its way, and while I'm busy with my writing hobby, I find myself busy post-blogging."
Huda considers that she and her husband succeeded in providing a pioneering Palestinian project, which can act as an incentive for students and other entrepreneurial people who wish to benefit and participate in the project.
It indicates that it will launch, in the second phase of its project, the deployment of environmentally friendly boxes for the collection and sorting of paper waste in homes; To allow it to be reused and recycled, she said, “I hope that people realize the value and importance of this act.”
It is noteworthy that the Gaza Municipality had launched at the beginning of the new year 2022 the campaign “sorting waste from the source”; With the aim of achieving the municipality’s vision of reducing the amount of waste, benefiting from its components, and raising awareness among citizens of the importance of waste sorting.
The amount of waste collected annually from Gaza City alone is about 800,000 cubic meters, at a rate of 700 tons per day, at a rate of 1 kilogram per person.

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