Businessman hires female employee to slap him every time he accesses Facebook

A young American businessman decided to hire someone whose job is to slap him every time he enters "Facebook", in order to get rid of his addiction to social networks.

And the American VICE website reported that businessman Manish Sethi made a decision in 2012 to combat his addiction to social networks, the number of which is increasing day by day, and people are wasting a huge time browsing them.

Sethi hired a young woman to slap him every time he visited Facebook, a somewhat violent method that paid off in the end.

 After about 10 years, the "Sethi Way" spread widely after Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, interacted with his story on Twitter.

"I was wasting an incredible amount of time on networks like Facebook and Reddit and it was time to stop," Sethi said.

He added, "After using a time management app, I discovered that I was wasting 19 hours a day on networks, which made me realize that I would not be able to stop alone and that I needed someone to encourage me."

He continued, "So I put up an ad entitled (Slap me if I deviate from my mission) for $8 an hour."

Once the ad was published, the entrepreneur received about 20 requests from "experienced slappers" and eventually chose Kara.

He added, "More than the fear of being slapped, it was Kara's presence that kept me focused on my work. I finally had a manager, albeit a temporary one, which made the experience refreshing. She helped me not only by slapping me, but also by listening to my thoughts.”

He noted that the method was so effective that it quadrupled his productivity, and allowed him to communicate better and work as part of a team.

And he added, "I decided to take charge and stop wasting time on social media and redirect it to what was important to me. Now I want to help others achieve what I dreamed of at the time."

Source: VICE 

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