Palestinian Presidency: The Israeli government is “playing with fire” and is the most dangerous to “peace”

 Today, Thursday, the spokesman for the Palestinian presidency strongly attacked the current Israeli government, describing it as "the most dangerous to the peace process and the two-state solution."

In an interview with the official radio, Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that the current Israeli government "continues in adopting aggressive policies that destroy all attempts to save the peace process, which will have dire repercussions."

Abu Rudeineh added: “The government of Israel must review its policies before it is too late, and we have all the legal means to go to international forums to hold Israel accountable for its crimes, including the daily killings of Palestinians and the escalation of settlement expansion.”

The presidential spokesman denounced the Israeli government's recent approval of the decision to transfer government departments and offices to the city of Jerusalem, considering it the unified capital of Israel.

Abu Rudeineh commented on this by saying, “Every step the Israeli government takes on the occupied East Jerusalem is rejected, condemned and illegitimate, and we will not allow it to remain, and this situation will not continue no matter how long it takes.”

He added, "The Israeli government is playing with fire and trying to impose facts, but all of its facts are false. The settlements and occupation will end, and they will not find a single Palestinian who will accept the infringement of Palestinian sovereignty and land."

Three days ago, the Israeli government approved the decision to transfer government departments and offices to the city of Jerusalem, and this included imposing heavy economic and financial penalties on ministries that do not implement the decision.

Abu Rudeineh stressed the Palestinian adherence to the necessity of achieving a comprehensive and just peace on the basis of international legitimacy and international law, saying that without that, “there will be no peace for anyone in the region.”

He pointed out that the Palestinian leadership sent messages calling on the parties to the international community, specifically the US administration, to pressure the Israeli government to abide by international legitimacy resolutions and signed bilateral agreements to avoid dangerous scenarios that no one wants.

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