Sentences, prisoner extensions and releases

The military courts of occupation today sentenced the prisoner Mahmoud Salim Abdel Malik from Tulkarm, and the wounded prisoner Natiq Hantoli from Silat Al Dhaher town in Jenin Governorate, to actual imprisonment for three and a half years, and the special units had opened fire on Hantoli Upon his arrest on 10/22/2020, he was wounded in the foot, and the captive university student Moaz Saeed Shawahna from the town of Kafr Thulth, east of Qalqilya, was imprisoned for a period of four months, while the administrative detention of the prisoner Aref Haribat from Dura in Hebron was renewed for a period of 6 months.
The court extended the detention of the prisoners Ziad Sharif Hussein, Fathi Abdel Rahim Naim, and Awad Jaafar Awad from Ramallah until 12-20, and the prisoners Sameh Bilal Marzouk, Numan Riad Salameh and Faraj Alaa Abu Numan from Jenin for a period of three months.
The occupation released the prisoner Ashraf Awad from the town of Awarta in Nablus after a detention that lasted 8 years, the prisoner Mahmoud Radwan Daraghmeh from Tubas, after a 3-year detention, and the prisoner Mustafa Al-Hasanat from the Dheisheh camp after an administrative detention that lasted 20 months, during which he went on a hunger strike For two weeks, the prisoner Mahmoud Hammash from Dheisheh camp after a 12-month detention, the Legislative Council deputy Sheikh Hatem Qafisha from Hebron after an administrative detention that lasted 6 months, the prisoner Yahya Marei from Salfit after a 7-month detention, and the Jerusalemite boy Majd Abu Amer after A week from his arrest on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday from the vicinity of Bab al-Amud, on the condition of deportation from Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa for a period of 60 days, house arrest for 5 days, and a fine of 750 shekels.

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