A workshop discussing the reality of Palestinian youth in Gaza Strip

The Public Authority for Youth and Culture in the Gaza Strip organized a workshop to discuss the reality of Palestinian youth, entitled “Youth… Concerns and Problems, and the Most Important Treatments.”
The head of the authority, Ahmed Muhaisen, said, on Wednesday, that the workshop discussed the demands of the youth that were presented during the past workshops, the problems they faced and the development of solutions to them.
He stated that among the topics that were raised is that the next year 2022 will be a year for Palestinian youth to shed light on their concerns and problems because they are the backbone of society.
For his part, the Director General of Advocacy and Guidance at the Ministry of Awqaf, Amir Abu Al-Omarin, explained that the concerns of the youth are great, stressing the need to invest the potential energy of the Palestinian youth to serve the community.
Abu Al-Omarin indicated that the role of the Ministry of Awqaf lies in educating young people and guiding them to the right path, indicating that young people need intellectual, religious, cultural and scientific awareness.

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