Advantages and disadvantages of the new "Galaxy No 9" device

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Samsung has released its smartphone in Galaxy 9, with new updates that include the various features of the Bluetooth-enabled Pen pen, a high-capacity battery and a slightly larger screen, but it was noted that the new and more sophisticated smartphone did not offer important technological features this time.

The Sky News Arabic website quoted the specialized website as Samsung, which may have wanted to boost the NTE 9 phone without offering new features, is to provide the development process for the next major phones in 2019, which will be in Galaxy 10 and Galaxy S 10 plus.

It is a mother of features not included in the new Galaxy No 9 phone:

Fingerprint reader

It contains a fingerprint reader below the rear camera, which is a noticeable improvement compared to the note 8 sensor that is installed in the camera lenses dialog that is affected due to the fatty effects of the fingers.

The Porsche has announced a copy of Huawei Mate RS, last March, which contains this feature as experts expect to be already available on over 100 million phones by next year.

I could have intended 9 to have this particular feature with a screen size of 6.4 inches, but apparently we will have to wait until we see it in the Galaxy S10.

Dealing with the fifth generation networks

The application of high-speed fifth generation networks, with expectations of wide-scale launch in the United States sometime between 2019 and 2020, approached.

US telecom companies such as Verizon and AT & T are already preparing 5G networks and devices, while China has already built 350,000 telecommunication towers since 2015.

Many phone makers have announced their commitment to making phones compatible with 5G by next year, including Samsung.

Last week, Motorola offered its first fifth-generation phone, Moto Z3, which connects to the network with the Moto Mod attachment.

Since No 9 has a 5G connection, it is expected to be seen in the Galaxy S10, especially with Samsung investing more than $22 billion in this technology.

The front-end cameras combine a 9-lens and a facial scanner to unlock the main screen but this is quite different from the 3d front camera that uses the iphone X phone.

This camera operates under infrared, a deep sensor and a bullet projector to draw a 30-point map on the face and create a 3-D scan.

"CNET" is the fastest and safest way to identify the face, which means that Apple can use its system to draw animated facial expressions.

If Samsung applies this technique in the next handsets, it will not offer new to iphone X.

The Pixby button has added Samsung in the 9-digit button running the digital plugin to make it easier to access, but all that the button does is only the BXPE release without other options.

It is hoped that Samsung will be able to modify this feature so that it offers more options for users rather than inadvertently touching the button and inadvertently launching the program over and over again during the day


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