A stand of support and support for prisoners in Belgium

The Palestinian community in Belgium and Luxembourg, in coordination with Belgian institutions and associations in solidarity with Palestine, organized today, Monday, a solidarity stand in support of prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons, in front of the headquarters of the European Union institutions.

Representatives of Belgian and European associations and institutions in solidarity with our Palestinian people, members of Palestinian and Arab communities, and supporters of the Palestinian cause participated in the stand.

The participants said that the six prisoners' liberation and their destruction of the Israeli security system is only evidence of the determination of our people, their families and their living forces to continue the struggle for freedom and independence and the establishment of Palestinian states with Jerusalem as its capital.

They condemned all measures of repression, abuse and terrorism pursued by the occupation authorities against our prisoners in prisons, affirming their support for them in their determination and determination to continue the national struggle, to obtain their freedom and the freedom of their people.

They called on the European Union and its institutions to stand up to their responsibilities and work to implement the principles of human rights and freedoms towards our people and our prisoners in the occupation prisons in accordance with the principles on which the Union and its institutions were established and in accordance with the principles of the United Nations, international and humanitarian law, the Fourth Geneva Conventions and the Charter of Human Rights.

During the vigil, the speakers touched on the reality of the prisoners in the occupation prisons, their suffering and the inhumane conditions they are experiencing, and their confrontation with the Israeli repressive measures against them in numbers and facts.

They expressed their pride in the struggles of the prisoners in the occupation prisons, calling on the international community to put pressure on the occupation government, and to desist from the policy of double standards in responding to the prisoners' demands, and to end their suffering and gain their freedom by transferring their reality and suffering to the widest scope of public opinion, its parties, forces and civil institutions.

The speakers affirmed their rejection of the policies of settlement, Judaization and forced displacement of citizens from the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and Khan al-Ahmar.

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