In America.. Scientists trying to "Dim the Sun "

Washington _ Agencies

American scientists have presented a "very odd" proposal to address the global warming problem, which has begun to grow more and more on planet Earth, through the "sun Blackout."

Scientists from Harvard and Yale universities in the United States said that "chemical substances can be sprayed into the Earth's atmosphere to darken the sun and prevent the arrival of its planet."

Scientists ' research published in the journal "Environmental Research " referred to a technique known as "aerosol injection", which would reduce the global warming rate by half, according to the American network "CNN ".

This technique is based on the spraying of large quantities of sulphates molecules in the Earth's lower atmospheric layer, at altitudes of up to 12 miles, or about 20 km.

Scientists suggest spraying sulphates molecules using specially designed high altitude planes, balloons or even large pistols.

Although this technique is insufficiently developed and there are no suitable aircraft to implement, researchers assert that the development of a specially designed tanker will not be technologically difficult or costly.

Scientists estimate the total cost of launching a virtual system within 15 years by about $3.5 billion, with the operating costs of us$2.25 billion a year over 15 years.

However, scientists acknowledge that this technique remains purely hypothetical, and needs more time to test it, before applying it on the ground.


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