Committee: The occupation has assaulted 233 journalists since the beginning of 2021

The Committee to Support Journalists has monitored more than 233 attacks by the occupation against journalists during their coverage of peaceful activities and marches in the Palestinian territories, since the beginning of this year 2021.

The committee pointed out that the occupation deliberately used rubber-coated metal bullets, sponge bullets, toxic gas bombs, sound bombs, pepper gas, hitting and pushing, and spraying them with poison gas through “Quadcopter” planes, during their media missions east of the Gaza Strip last August.

The Committee condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ targeting yesterday evening, photojournalist Nidal Al-Natsheh, with a sound bomb in the left leg, with the aim of preventing him from covering clashes between young men and the occupation forces in Bab Al-Zawiya area in the center of Hebron city.

The coordinator of the Committee to Support Journalists in the Palestinian Territories, Saleh Al-Masry, called for a serious stand by journalists and human rights and trade union institutions, whether Arab or international, in order to put an end to the occupation's attacks on journalists.

Al-Masry strongly denounced the shooting of press crews while covering peaceful rallies in the occupied Palestinian territories, explaining that the occupation deliberately shoots journalists in an attempt to discourage them from doing their duty to cover Israeli attacks targeting young men and women.

He stressed that Palestinian journalists and media institutions work with professionalism and national responsibility and will not hesitate to convey the truth to the world despite the continuous attacks against them.

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