A 43-year-old woman has not slept... Scientists reveal the mystery

In 2018, the local Chinese “Sohu” website published a report that was considered strange and perhaps fabricated, about a woman named Li Zhanying, who had not slept for 40 years.

Zhanying, who lives in Henan Province (Northern China), works all day in the field, and stays awake at night unable to sleep, chopping firewood, while neighbors accuse her of being "haunted by ghosts".

As for her husband, according to the same website, he said that since he married her, he has presented her to more than one doctor, and they were unable to explain her condition. When her story spread, medical experts came to verify her, and decided to take turns staying with her, to confirm the validity of the allegations that she did not sleep, which is what happened.

After all the methods of getting her to sleep failed with her, the Chinese woman went to a special center for sleep problems in the capital, Beijing, where the final diagnosis, which was recently published, revealed that the method of sleeping Zhanying is unconventional. Where she does not sleep with her eyes closed, but may fall asleep with her eyes open during any normal activity, and remains able to speak. 

Scientists likened the way she sleeps to what others suffer from walking or talking during sleep, but her condition is more advanced, which made her surroundings believe, until today, that she has not slept one hour out of 43 years.

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