The occupation announces “facilitations” for Gaza to enter into force today

The Israeli "Coordinator of Governmental Activities" announced, last night, that a series of economic measures have been taken in the Gaza Strip, to restore humanitarian matters to the way they were.

These measures, which were taken after assessing the security situation, will enter into force today, Thursday.

The measures include expanding the entry of equipment and goods for international civil projects and the private sector to the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing, in addition to allowing the import of new vehicles, canceling the quota for vehicles, and allowing gold trade between the Strip and the West Bank.

It was also decided to increase the share of Gaza merchants who pass through the Erez Crossing by 1,000 more, as permits will be issued to those who have received a corona vaccination or hold a certificate of recovery.

The occupation said that “civilian steps are conditional on the agreed stages and on the continuation of maintaining complete security stability, in all its forms, and for a continuous period, and their expansion will be considered according to the assessment of the situation.”


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