Tibi: I do not rule out that Netanyahu is doing a new aggression against Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli Knesset (Parliament) MP warned of the Joint Arab List Ahmed Tibi on Sunday evening that Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could launch an aggression against Gaza to restore his political status.

Tibi said in a tweet on his account on the social networking site (Twitter):  " I do not rule out that Netanyahu will invade Gaza to restore his political status. "

Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference Sunday evening, during which he stressed that he was making a great effort to not dismantle the government or go to early elections, noting that Israel was in a wide-ranging campaign to secure the people of the Gaza cover.

Netanyahu told a press conference on Sunday evening:  " The government will not be overthrown and we will not go to an early election, "he said, declaring the Ministry of Security.

Israel is in a political crisis following the resignation of Security Minister Avigdor Lieberman last Wednesday for not having satisfied the ceasefire with Hamas, amid reports of possible disintegration of the government and early elections.


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