Algeria leases two planes from the European Union to put out fires

Algeria has reached a trade agreement with the European Union to lease two firefighting planes that were used in the firefighting operation in Greece.

And the official Algerian television quoted the first ministry as saying, "The two planes will be put into use, starting tomorrow, Thursday, in the states where forest fires broke out, in the context of harnessing all capabilities and support to extinguish these fires."

On the other hand, Abdelkader Amirouche, Attorney General at the Tizi Ouzou District Council, revealed that the number of fire victims in the region had risen to 69, including 20 soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Civil Defense in the eastern state of Bejaia recorded the death of two men and two women as a result of the fires burning in the region.

Lieutenant-General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army, highlighted, during his inspection of the military detachments participating in efforts to extinguish forest fires in the states of Tizi Ouzou and Bejaia, the death of 28 soldiers, and the injury of 14 others with burns of varying severity.


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