Netanyahu announces implementation of security plan "tough " and his army bag

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday evening that he had made tough decisions in the area of security that he was responsible for, while announcing his military portfolio.

He said at a press conference that there was no need for early elections, noting that the leaders of the parties should show responsibility, calling on their partners in the coalition government not to overthrow the government.

"We are still at the height of a large-scale security campaign, and I am committed to completing it in order to provide full security for the people of the South and all the people of Israel."

"As prime Minister, I have ordered the implementation of countless measures to ensure Israel's security," he said.

During the conference, the Israeli Prime minister confirmed that he would take over the Army portfolio in his government.

Netanyahu referred to the criticisms levelled at him about this:  "In such matters there is no place for politics, and there is no place for personal considerations."

"Most citizens of Israel know that when decisions on security matters are taken, I do so in a realistic way, for the security of our citizens and the safety of our soldiers."

In his speech, he said that Tel Aviv is at the height of its relations with countries from all continents, including countries in the Arab world.

The expectation in Tel Aviv is to go to early parliamentary elections, after the resignation of War Minister Avigdor Lieberman from his post and the announcement of his intention to withdraw from the government coalition.

Lieberman's resignation follows the government's decision to approve a ceasefire with the resistance factions in Gaza, describing him as a surrender and surrendering to the Hamas movement.

The leader of the "Kolano " party had simultaneously called for an early parliamentary election.

The current right-wing government coalition is formed by Netanyahu's Likud party with 30 seats in the Knesset, the Kolano party led by Finance Minister Moshe Khelon (10 seats), the Jewish Home party led by Nafili Bennett (8 seats), the religious Shas party (7 seats), and the ultra-Orthodox party Hagdot Htorah He has 8 seats, in addition to the "Yisrael our House" party led by the outgoing secretary of War Lieberman and has five Knesset members.

With Lieberman withdrawing from the government coalition, Netanyahu still has a slim majority in Parliament, but this fragile coalition will not endure for long against the backdrop of constant threats and calls from the coalition poles "colano " and "Jewish house " for early parliamentary elections.


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