Al-Ahmad: 8 European countries have expressed their willingness to recognize the Palestinian state in response to the annexation scheme

 Member of the Executive and Central Committees Azzam Al-Ahmad revealed today, Thursday, that European countries have expressed their willingness to recognize the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, if Israel annexes parts of the West Bank.

Al-Ahmed told the official Voice of Palestine radio that eight countries in the European Union are ready to recognize the Palestinian state as a response to the Israeli plan, saying that is an "important step."

Al-Ahmed indicated that the Palestinian leadership is working on several internal, Arab, regional and international fronts to formulate a "coalition" that addresses the annexation scheme based on the American peace plan known as "Deal of the Century".

He stated that Palestine is seeking to hold meetings at the United Nations to pressure Israel to completely cancel the annexation plan and not postpone its implementation, expressing his hope that the meetings will be held before the end of this month.

In turn, the Palestinian ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Maher Karaki, welcomed the results of the extraordinary meeting of the organization's executive committee held yesterday at the level of foreign ministers and unanimously adopted the Palestinian draft resolution against the Israeli annexation scheme.

Karaki said in radio statements, that the Palestinian decision included mandating the Islamic Group in New York to start consultations to take the necessary measures to confront the annexation scheme, in addition to mandating ambassadors of member states to transfer the contents of the decision to international organizations and parliaments.

He also pointed out that the meeting mandated the Secretary-General of the organization to work to provide financial support to Palestine by providing a financial safety net and the support of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

This comes as dozens of senior legal and judicial officials in Israel and abroad called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to implement the plan to annex lands in the West Bank by withdrawing what was reported by the Israeli public radio.

In a message sent to Netanyahu and Army Minister Benny Gantz published by the radio, they said that the unilateral imposition of Israeli sovereignty over a region that was forcibly taken over is a flagrant violation of fundamental principles of international law, warning that the move will confuse Israel in international courts and may in some cases criminalize several times. Characters in the country.


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