Mass funeral for the martyrs of the Jenin camp massacre

Thousands of citizens mourned, on Thursday, the bodies of the martyrs who died during the massacre committed by the occupation army in Jenin camp this morning.

A majestic funeral procession took place for the nine martyrs, and their bodies were carried on their shoulders, amid chanting slogans denouncing the occupation and its crimes, and others calling for the resistance to respond to this repeated aggression.

The funeral toured the streets of Jenin, before the bodies of some of the martyrs were transported to Burqin and Al-Yamoun, for burial in their areas of residence.


The martyrs are: Saeb Essam Mahmoud Azriqi from the city of Jenin, Izz al-Din Yassin Salahat, Abdullah Marwan al-Ghoul, Wassim Amjad Jaas, the elderly Magda Obaid, all from the Jenin camp, Mutasem Abu al-Hasan from al- Yamoun, Muhammad Mahmoud Sobh, and the two brothers Muhammad and Noor Sami Ghoneim from Burqin.

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