Chilean president urges world not to normalize permanent violations of Palestinians by Israel

 The youngest president in the world, Gabriel Borek, demanded today, Tuesday, the countries of the world to reject the brutality and brutality of the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinians under occupation.
Borek, 36 in an impassioned speech before the General Assembly, appealed to world leaders "not to normalize the permanent violations of human rights against the Palestinian people, and to affirm international law and the resolutions that this same Assembly establishes year after year" for Palestinian self-determination.
The world's youngest leader, Chilean President Gabriel Borek, has sounded the alarm about the dangers of social unrest, reminding his most experienced colleagues assembled at the United Nations that discontent that has exploded locally could be replicated worldwide.
Borek called in his speech to world leaders for more accountability, transparency and honesty to avoid the judgment that is raging under the surface in the whole world by the ruled.

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