The occupation arrests 15 Palestinians from the West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces arrested today, Thursday, 15 citizens from the West Bank governorates.

In Ramallah, the occupation forces arrested four young men from the town of Beit Rima: Naseem Husni Al-Barghouti (28 years), Majdi Munir Al-Rimawi (34 years), Ahmed Khaled Al-Rimawi (29 years), and Bilal Al-Rimawi (18 years).

From Hebron, the occupation forces arrested four citizens of the city, they are: Safwat Ibrahim Al-Natsheh (20 years), the twins Ahmed and Mahmoud Yousri Al-Awiwi, and Muhammad Hamdi Al-Awiwi.

From Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested: Mahdi Ahmed Tawfiq (18 years), and his cousin Tawfiq Ali Tawfiq (16 years), from the town of Al-Ubaidiya, east of Bethlehem, and Muhammad Khaled Hussein Musa (18 years), from the town of Al-Khader.


From Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested three young men: Ismail Abu Latifa from Qalandia refugee camp, Qusai Badwan, and Muhtadi Ayyash (24 years), from the town of Bedouin.

From Nablus, the occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner Ibrahim Shawahna from his home in Rafidia.


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