30 organizations in the US state of Massachusetts call for an end to military support for Israel

30 American local organizations in Massachusetts sent a letter to members of the local state parliament, calling for support for Palestinian rights and an end to American military support for Israel, and to submit a copy of the US House of Representatives Bill HR 2590 that demands Linking financial aid to Israel to its respect for Palestinian rights.

The letter was delivered to a representative of the Senate during a demonstration in front of the state's local parliament building.

The letter calls for an investigation into how US weapons and funding have affected the "repression and displacement" of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Ammar Ahmed, a member of the Comprehensive Peace Movement, explained that the letter demands respect for Palestinian human rights, Palestinian dignity, and a series of political recommendations.

Several organizations participated in the signature campaign for the letter, including: Jewish Voices for Peace, the Islamic Justice League, the Coalition for Water Justice in Palestine, the New England Organization to Achieve Justice for Palestine, and the Coalition for Water Justice in Palestine.

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